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Turn your Business into
a Predictable Sales Machine

Get your FREE copy of the bestseller Predictable Revenue and discover the lead generation method that revolutionized and works exceptionally well for 9 out of 10 SMBs.

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“Predictable Revenue”: transform your business into a machine that generates predictable income, month after month. 
About Us
Picture of Jean Thibaudeau founder of Hacoeur
Jean Thibaudeau
Founder of Hacoeur

Does lead generation keep you up at night?


You're not the only one. The considerable effort invested in traditional sales approaches, and the sometimes disappointing results can be frustrating. 


But if you are here, it's not a coincidence, and I can help you.


You know that to grow your business you need a reliable source of quality leads, but you don't know where to start to improve your lead acquisition process. 


You are in the right place. The book Predictable Revenue reveals the secrets to the success of, which generated almost $100 million in recurring revenue in just a few years... without ever making a single cold call.

And today I would like to give you this book as a gift.

I even take care of the shipping costs. 


All I need is your mailing address. 

This is not another ordinary sales book





This book is much more than a guide to prospecting or closing deals.


It's an invaluable resource for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and sales managers, designed to help you build a true revenue-generating machine.


You'll learn how your sales team can generate a steady stream of highly qualified leads, create predictable revenue, and achieve your financial goals through sales and marketing efforts without you having to constantly oversee everything. 


About Us

The method used successfully by Hacoeur




The Hacoeur marketing agency has been successfully using the Predictable Revenue method for several years to propel our clients towards rapid and predictable growth, month after month. 


Using this method, we have helped many companies like yours transform their business approach and achieve their business goals. 


(In fact, we use this method for our agency, to generate a constant flow of quality leads that we transform into satisfied customers.)

They trusted us

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What you will learn in this
book :

You will discover the revolutionary sales process called “Cold Calling 2.0” which generates a 9% response rate without ever making cold calls.

Avoid seven fatal mistakes that even the most experienced CEOs and sales managers commit regularly.

Change your perception of sales and find out how friendly, helpful and even pleasant it can be.

Transform your sales team into an autonomous force, where your employees act like true CEOs.

Why Us

What do readers say about the book?​

Kurt Daradics

"This book is captivating. It saved me valuable time, and our income began to increase quickly. After reading it, we immediately closed major deals using the strategies it provides." 

Josiane Feigon

"Reading Predictable Revenue is like having a fascinating discussion with a sales guru who generously shares his process, results and lessons. It's an honest, relevant and logical book that will make you think and convince you to change things quickly."

Pat Shah

"After reading your book, I finally know what's wrong with our sales process. THANKS!"

Will you be the next to achieve your sales goals, month after month? 

Where should we ship your book?

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