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Need help with your marketing project?

Entrust your project to an experienced marketer ready to accelerate your project

Get a real right-hand man who can accelerate your marketing project as if he were on your team, but without having to pay a full-time salary.

Small is beautiful, but big is powerful. Increase your team's capacity temporarily with a part-time marketing expert.

You're an experienced marketing manager, but now a new project is coming along that's going to be the last straw. You need new hands, and you need them now.

Or you've been put in charge of a special project that you can manage, but not necessarily implement or operate on a day-to-day basis. You need someone who can execute immediately and give you the right timing.

Try a part-time marketing resource from Hacoeur. This way, you can have an executor working immediately on your project, while still being able to provide you with the necessary strategic thinking.

The trick is that we work as if we were part of your team, in fractional mode (e.g.: the equivalent of one day a week). This gives you the closeness, control and transparency that a client-agency relationship can never provide.

You'll have a productive person from the first hour, plus the benefit of a senior's depth of knowledge (without having to spend a 6-figure salary), and without having to worry about training.

It's a formula that has been successfully adopted by dozens of marketing managers who want to focus on their real role: leading the company's growth (not having their noses stuck in the cookie jar). It's allowed them to focus on more productive tasks while increasing sales, and then build a full marketing team in-house (and we can help you build said team when the time comes).

Your marketing will move forward like never before, and you'll always be in control.


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About Us

How does it works?

  • Expert marketing resource: An expert in your industry dedicated one day a week to your projects.

  • Versatility in action: Ability to act on strategy and execution.

  • Weekly one-hour meetings: to discuss actions taken, plan priorities and manage budgets, as if we were part of your team.

  • Adapting to current needs: We manage current marketing priorities, just as one of your employees would.

  • Total flexibility: Stop the service at any time without penalty, paying only for what you need.

The benefits

Extensive expertise

Need SEO, analytics, advertising, and CRM? No problem, we have an expert who can handle it all.

We adapt to your growth

Use the service when needs arise, reduce when responsibilities can be transferred.

Achieve your goals

From strategy to execution, we will help you develop a tactical framework to reach your marketing objectives and ultimately achieve marketing independence.

It's just more cost-effective

At a minimum, hiring a junior resource would cost you $50,000/year (plus your time to train them).

With Hacoeur, you have access to an experienced professional for much less.

Picture of Jean Thibaudeau, Founder of Hacoeur
Jean Thibaudeau
Founder of Hacoeur

"Putting more people on a problem is inefficient and costly.

It is when we put the right person on a task that we see things move forward twice as fast.

And it's much more cost-effective."


We need someone who can show us Hubspot, and also the other marketing tricks (advertising with Google, Analytics, etc.).

We want concrete training.

Marlène Daugarou

Directrice marketing


In just a few months, we've: 

  • Restructured Hubspot

  • Set up analytics​

  • Launched advertising on Google, FB and Linkedin




  • Costly marketing activities (e.g. trade shows) replaced by digital marketing.

  • Competent team now able to act alone on almost all issues.


I take care of sales and I need a right-hand man to handle marketing. I just don't have the time to do both. We want to build brand awareness, generate leads and modify the site.

Can you help?

Marc Fisher

VP Ventes et Marketing


Sponsorium has its part-time marketing manager with Hacoeur
In just a few months, we've: 

  •  Reviewed the editorial concept of the pages
  • Ensured the stability of the Wordpress site
  • Launched an opportunity acquisition campaign



  • Brand recognition in the industry and increased leads

Delegate Some of Your Marketing

And save tons of time...

Marketing Challenges
  • Do-it-yourself: Often inefficient, as it involves coordinating several suppliers and learning on the job.

  • Delegating to an agency: This can create dependency, high costs and loss of control, not to mention the difficulty of quickly adjusting projects to changing priorities and additional management costs.

  • Hire a junior resource: Economical, but lacks strategic vision and requires a considerable investment of time in training, with a high risk of rapid turnover.

Hacoeur's Solution
  •  All-in-one solution: a single point of contact for strategy and execution.

  •  Industry expertise: A resource that knows your industry and your business, capable of deploying an effective strategic vision.

  • Versatility: Able to intervene effectively on several fronts simultaneously.

  • Delegated management: Take charge of your suppliers and marketing projects to save you time.

  • Regular contact: Weekly communications to keep you on track.

  • Knowledge transfer: The goal is autonomy, with support to build and train your marketing team.

  • Web development discounts: Economic advantages on web development services.




Let's make your marketing expenses and outcomes predictable

  • Dedicated expertise: An expert at your service one day a week.

  • Monthly progress report: Regular monitoring of action progress.

  • Weekly 60-minute meeting: To align and adjust strategies.


With this, we can:

  • Launch marketing campaigns to generate revenue quickly.

  • Create and deploy an annual marketing strategy, broken down by quarter.

  • Execute effective advertising campaigns.

  • Manage and optimize your advertising.

  • Improve your site's SEO for greater visibility.

  • Update your analytics for data-driven decisions.

  • Develop an e-commerce component on your site.
  • Manage your publications on social networks.

  • Implement a complete B2B lead gen strategy.

  • Implement a CRM to better manage your customer relationships.

  • And much more, depending on your specific needs.

Projects start at $2500/month

No long-term ''love it or leave it'' commitment

  • Typically, 50-85% of costs can be subsidized. Contact us to find out if your project may be eligible for one of these subsidy programs.

The Hacoeur Promise

No Nonsense

We move forward: no discovery phase that never ends. We want to give value from the first day. Yes we are going to make a plan, but we also know that we are going to learn (you and us) and therefore, it is better to go to the market quickly so that it pays off. 

You Are in Control

You're in control - with all the information you need to make the decisions. You'll know how things work, without necessarily having to go into fine detail. Also,all  the information (accounts, data, etc.) belongs to you 100% and you have access to All

Impartiality and Transparency

No hiding: you have full visibility into the data and we're not afraid to deliver bad news. We are also impartial, we do not receive a commission and we owe nothing to anyone. For us, a strategy deliverable is not a sales activity.

Why Us
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