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Make the most of yourCRM

From software selection to training your team, we will make your CRM project a success 

Get a real architect who will be able to manage both the technological and human aspects of a CRM project

Hubspot vs. Zoho vs. Klaviyo vs. everyone else: Software selection is critical. But the human aspects are even more so.

Did you know that an agency selling CRM typically makes 30% commissionlifetime. It's a lot of money, and let's say it guides the choices quite a bit (= go see a Hubspot agency and it's almost certain that they will strongly recommend Hubspot to you, even if it's not optimal )


Also, since the commission is paid only on sale, there is little interest in monitoring the project and training the teams. However, this is where success is forged.


This is all just not correct. First, Hacoeur is 100% independent with no commission from software providers. This allows us to give you independent advice. 

Second, we master several platforms, which makes it possible to find the best fit. For example, Hubspot is great, but it doesn't work in an e-commerce context since it doesn't manage languages with its syncro with Shopify/Wordpress.

Eventually,  we really care that your sales and marketing teams make full use of the software intheircontext with configuration and training.

About Us

How it works?

  • You have a 10/10 CRM/marketing automation expert who will analyze your business context to offer you the best platform.

  • You have a versatile person who will be able to see as much the marketing, sales and service aspects related to a CRM/marketing automation solution.

  • We configure the solution 100% according to your needs.

  • We train your team

  • And we remain available if you have any questions/needs

Delegate a CRM project

And save a crazy time 

Traditional challenges
  • You ​ do everything yourself = probably not the best use of your time since you have to coordinate multiple suppliers, learn how to do things, etc. 


  • You are delegating to an agency  specialist in a solution which will ''push'' you said solution.

Solution Hacoeur
  • Impartial advice. 100% commission free.

  • Detailed understanding of your business issues

  • An expert resource who knows your industry and your business.

  • This expert is versatile and can therefore act directly on several fronts (=effective)

  • Proximity since we can talk to each other regularly

  • Willingness to transfer knowledge so that you can ultimately be independent.



The Hacoeur Promise

No nonsense

We move forward: no discovery phase that never ends. We want to give value from the first day. Yes we are going to make a plan, but we also know that we are going to learn (you and us) and therefore, it is better to go to the market quickly so that it pays off. 

You are in control

You're in control - with all the information you need to make the decisions. You'll know how things work, without necessarily having to go into fine detail. Also,all  the information (accounts, data, etc.) belongs to you 100% and you have access to All

Impartiality and transparency

No hiding: you have full visibility into the data and we're not afraid to deliver bad news. We are also impartial, we do not receive a commission and we owe nothing to anyone. For us, a strategy deliverable is not a sales activity.

Why Us
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