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Get your marketing project subsidized by 50 to 90%

And yes, it is really easy to get your project subsidized, and we support you every steps of the way.

Get Thousands of $ in Grants to Boost Your Growth

There are literally dozens of marketing grant programs. Many entrepreneurs do not take advantage of it, either because they are not aware of the programs, or because they think that the administrative hassle is not worth it. Well, think again.

8/10 of our clients get government grants = they pay only a fraction of their marketing bills.

Too good to be true? Not at all. You will notice that our politicians strongly encourage business growth, and marketing is one of the areas of growth. Don't worry, governments know they will recoup their investment after stimulating business growth.

The “trick” is to know the terms of the programs and to knock on the right doors.

Hacoeur supports you at all levels to make the easiest grant application process possible, with the best success rate.

About Us

How it works?

  • We define a marketing project together, for example: “I want my team to be trained in marketing”.

  • Hacoeur recommends a subsidy program to you, and helps you put together the application. 

  • You send everything to the responsible ministry. Unfortunately, only the business owner can do this step.

  • We expect a response between one to two weeks.

  • And there you have it, your project is subsidized up to 90%!

The Hacoeur Promise

No nonsense

We move forward: no discovery phase that never ends. We want to give value from the first day. Yes we are going to make a plan, but we also know that we are going to learn (you and us) and therefore, it is better to go to the market quickly so that it pays off. 

You are in control

You're in control - with all the information you need to make decisions. You'll know how things work, without necessarily having to go into fine detail. Also, all the information (accounts, data, etc.) belongs 100% to you and you have access to everything. 

Impartiality and transparency

No hiding: you have full visibility into the data and we're not afraid to deliver bad news. We are also impartial, we do not receive a commission and we owe nothing to anyone. For us, a strategy deliverable is not a sales activity.

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