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Fractional Marketing Leadership: The Hacoeur Difference for
SaaS Businesses

SaaS tech founders yearn for a marketing wizard by their side, yet summoning one is costly and they’re hard to find.

Empowering SaaS Visionaries: Hacoeur at Your Side

In the dynamic SaaS landscape, where every resource counts and every opportunity is golden, marketing can feel like navigating through a storm. Hacoeur is your beacon. Your Fractional CMO acts as a full-suite marketing command center, designed specifically for SaaS companies like yours.

Empowering SaaS Visionaries: Hacoeu at Your Side

We understand the hesitation that comes from past disappointments. But where others saw a nail and brought a hammer, Hacoeur brings the entire toolbox. Our multifaceted approach means we’re equipped to pivot, adapt, and find the right tools for your unique marketing needs. With our team, your past experiences become stepping stones to future successes.

A Focus on Bringing You A Quick Win… Even If the Current Economy Seems Uncertain

Economic tides ebb and flow, but with Hacoeur, your marketing doesn’t have to ride the waves. Our strategies are designed to be resilient, focusing on cost-effective tactics and bringing you quick wins that sustain your growth, even when the economic climate is challenging. These quick wins give us more time to work on a mid to long term scalable strategy. Let’s turn these uncertainties into opportunities for your SaaS business.

Tailored Strategies That Work… Even If Your Product Serves a Niche Market

Your product's uniqueness is its strength, not a limitation. Hacoeur thrives in carving out market spaces for specialized SaaS solutions. From airport management software to robotics for prosthetics, we've mastered the art of marketing even the most niche products. Your specialized solution deserves a tailored marketing strategy that understands and leverages its uniqueness.

SaaS Marketing Strategies

Video Marketing

of Expertise

Brand Development and Positioning

Communication and Messaging

Digital Marketing

Go-to-Market Strategy

Paid Advertising

Sales Enablement

Proven SaaS Leadership

Leading Hacoeur’s SaaS division is Ben Desjardins, a marketing maven with a track record that speaks volumes. His experience includes successful pitches at the United Nations, partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, and significant projects with government entities across North America and Europe. Ben’s leadership goes beyond his resume; it’s rooted in a deep understanding of the SaaS journey and a history of tangible successes. With Hacoeur, you’re accessing Ben’s wealth of SaaS marketing expertise.

As a software company founder myself, I brought my software in front of our #1 dream client, the United Nations, before a successful exit. I’ve started other companies since and coached dozens of startups, all of which became highly profitable within the first year. Today, I’m doing the same for Hacoeur clients as a Fractional CMO, and I can do it for you too.”

Why Hacoeur Is Your Ideal Partner

Hacoeur stands apart with our « Love It or Leave It » policy, offering flexibility and confidence in our partnership. Our hands-on approach and commitment to rapid results, paired with our strategic depth, make us the perfect ally for your SaaS’s growth.

What SaaS Founders Are Saying About Hacoeur

"Hacoeur was a game-changer for our startup. Within the first month, we saw a significant uptick in our lead generation, and their strategic insights were spot on. It’s rare to find a team that combines such deep strategic acumen with the ability to execute at lightning speed. Hacoeur is that rare find."


- Alex Rivera, Co-Founder & CEO, TechFlow Solutions

"I was skeptical at first, given our past experiences with marketing firms, but Hacoeur proved me wrong. Their hands-on approach and deep understanding of the SaaS space helped us refine our messaging and significantly improve our market positioning. They’re not just consultants; they’re an integral part of our team now."


- Samantha Chung, Founder, DataNest Analytics

"Our niche product presented unique marketing challenges that previous agencies couldn’t tackle. Hacoeur’s team dove in with an enthusiasm to understand our market and delivered a customized strategy that has not only increased our visibility but also our sales. Their expertise, especially in niche markets, is unparalleled."


- Michael O’Connor, CEO, HealthTech Innovations

Discover Hacoeur’s Transformative Approach

Is your SaaS business ready for a transformative leap? Meet Ben Desjardins for a non-salesy, 20-minute exploration session. It’s your opportunity to share your vision and challenges, while we assess if there’s a fit. No strings, no pitches – just a straightforward conversation about potential.


At Hacoeur, we’re about creating a constant stream of qualified leads and opportunities for your SaaS. Imagine a future where your marketing efforts are not just seen but felt, driving growth and securing your market position.

Book Your
Free Discovery Session Today

Take the first step towards unparalleled SaaS success. Secure your spot for a free session with Ben and uncover the potential for a partnership that could redefine your marketing landscape. Are you prepared to leverage proven leadership and a tailored, done-for-you marketing strategy with Hacoeur?

With Hacoeur, it’s not just about growth; it’s about setting new benchmarks in the SaaS industry. Join us, and let’s achieve the extraordinary together.

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