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Let's launch your e-commerce business

From platform selection to training of your team, we will make your e-commerce project a success

Get a real architect who will be able to coordinate your entire e-commerce project.

Shopify or Wordpress: Platform selection is just the start. But it's one of utmost importance.

''When you are a hammer, you see all problems as nails''. It really is one of my favorite sentence. Go see a Shopify agency and the solution will be...Shopify. Yes Shopify is great, but it's not optimal for everyone (ex: B2B). And when you don't have the right platform, you're stuck with trying to fit a square peg in a round hole (= $$$)


Hacoeur has the experience and expertise to advise you on the best platform and then to implement it completely. In e-commerce, it's all the small details that make all the difference. For example, we must ensure that ALL plugins/apps are compatible and multilingual, otherwise it can literally crash a project just before launch.

And then you have to take into account marketing (Facebook feed, etc.), operations (returns management, etc.) and customer retention (marketing automation software). That's a lot of detail, but it's not our first rodeo.

About Us

How it works?

  • You have a 10/10 e-commerce expert who will coordinate the entire project.

  • You have a versatile person who will act as much in strategy as in execution 

  • We speak once a week for 1 hour to review the actions taken, decide on the next priorities, discuss budgets, etc. 

  • We work on the marketing priorities of the moment, whatever they are (ex: advertising campaign management, development of the marketing strategy for the quarter, connecting the CRM with XYZ, etc.). Exactly as if it were done by one of your employees.

  • You may stop the Services at any time without penalty.

Delegate some of your marketing

And save a crazy time 

Marketing challenges
  • You ​ do everything yourself = probably not the best use of your time since you have to coordinate multiple suppliers, learn how to do things, etc. 


  • You delegate to an agency = dependence, high costs and loss of control (''black box''). Also, it is difficult to stop a project if you have to direct your marketing according to the priorities of the moment. Finally, each agency employee must be coordinated, resulting in unnecessary project management costs.

Solution Hacoeur
  • One stop shop: One  person who cares so much about your strategy and execution.

  • An expert resource who knows your industry and your business.

  • This expert is versatile and can therefore act directly on several fronts (=effective)

  • Proximity since you talk to each other at least once a week.

  • Willingness to transfer knowledge so that you can ultimately be independent.

  • Substantial discounts on web development



The Hacoeur Promise

No nonsense

We move forward: no discovery phase that never ends. We want to give value from the first day. Yes we are going to make a plan, but we also know that we are going to learn (you and us) and therefore, it is better to go to the market quickly so that it pays off. 

You are in control

You're in control - with all the information you need to make the decisions. You'll know how things work, without necessarily having to go into fine detail. Also,all  the information (accounts, data, etc.) belongs to you 100% and you have access to All

Impartiality and transparency

No hiding: you have full visibility into the data and we're not afraid to deliver bad news. We are also impartial, we do not receive a commission and we owe nothing to anyone. For us, a strategy deliverable is not a sales activity.

Why Us
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