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A fractional CMO will change the math of your investments

From due diligence pre-M&A marketing audit to getting a company back to profitability, VCs & PEs trust us to grow their portfolio.

As a Venture Capital or Private Equity investor, marketing may be one of your blind spots. It might also not be the founder's strongest suit.

Sales-savvy founders excel in sales-driven strategies, tech-focused founders create robust solutions. 

However, if they lack a strong marketing background, developing a resilient, multi-channel marketing strategy may not come naturally. A company you want to acquire can be leaving cash on the table, or post acquisition, not be able to pivot if sales from a network are declining. 

This is where a fractional CMO from Hacoeur can help:

  • We can perform a pre-acquisition marketing audit so you can accurately assess the true potential of a target company. No rocks will be left unturned: current performance, growth potential on new channels (ex: can this thing be sold on Amazon?), state of the sales and marketing team, tech stack, etc.

  • Jump in as trusted marketing leaders on-demand, to accelerate the growth of a portfolio company, or put down fires if sales are declining.

Don’t let subpar marketing and stagnant customer growth overshadow your business’s vision. Many businesses falter not from a shortage of ideas, but from an inability to acquire customers effectively and profitably. Now with a fractional CMO, you have a trusted partner who can help you allocate your marketing capital wisely.

About Us

Why Include a Marketing Audit in your Due Diligence?

A thorough marketing audit conducted by a marketing expert helps identify gaps and risks in the company's current marketing strategies.

You'll gain a clear view of the company's marketing health, backed by data.

You will uncover growth opportunities previously untapped by past strategies.

A marketing audit by a part-time CMO can be followed by a post-acquisition marketing strategy, executed by the same CMO who is already familiar with your business.

This is something you certainly do with the financial and legal aspect of a company purchase. Let's remove the marketing blind spot from your due diligence process.

Why You Need a
Trusted Marketing Expert?

As a PE or VC investor, you certainly trust advisors to help you with the Legal and Financial aspects of your due operations.


However, you may not have such capabilities when it comes to Marketing, which is quite a ironic since most of the M&A value is created by increasing sales.

Tying capital to an inhouse marketing resource doesn't make sense, but having a fractional CMO who can jump in on any situation might be the game changer you didn't know existed.

Hacoeur's fractional CMOs are senior marketing experts you can place in your portfolio companies as needed, to accelerate a project, lead a digital transformation or reverse a decline in sales.

You book them when needed, and they answer only to you.

Benefits of a Part-Time CMO

360-Degree Expertise

Hacoeur's CMOs bring comprehensive expertise that covers all aspects of marketing, including SEO and content strategy, customer acquisition process automation, advertising, customer experience optimization, social media, and more.

We Adapt to Your Growth

Use the marketing audit service during due diligence, and continue with the same CMO post-acquisition to improve deficient marketing components and ensure steady and predictable growth from the first quarter.

Achieve Your Goals

From strategy to execution, your part-time CMO develops a tactical framework with the existing teams to achieve your marketing goals, aligned with the C-suite objectives.

Optimal Capital Allocation

A part-time CMO brings the insight and leadership of a full-time CMO without monopolizing the capital required for execution and growth.

With Hacoeur, each of your portfolio companies will benefit a customized and effective marketing strategy.

Picture of Jean Thibaudeau, Founder of Hacoeur

''During a pre-acquisition due diligence, a marketing audit by a part-time CMO can help identify marketing inefficiencies and untapped growth opportunities.

Post-acquisition, your part-time CMO will be your trusted advisor, capable of taking the reins and leading your team to execute the growth strategy identified during the pre-acquisition phase.

Jean Thibaudeau
Founder of Hacoeur

The Hacoeur Promise

No Nonsense

We move forward: no discovery phase that never ends. We want to give value from the first day. Yes, we'll make a plan, but we also know that we are going to learn (you and us) and therefore, it is better to go to the market quickly and adjust as we go. 

You Are in Control

You're in control - with all the necessary information to make decisions. You will understand how the systems work without necessarily having to delve into the nitty gritty. Also, all the information (accounts, data, etc.) is 100% yours, and you have access to everything.

Impartiality and Transparency

No hiding: you have full visibility of the data, and we're not afraid to offer complete transparency. We're also impartial; we don't receive commissions and owe nothing to anyone. For us, delivering a strategy is not a sales activity.

Why Us
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