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WordPress website maintenance is crucial.

Let us take care of the security and smooth operation of

your WordPress site.

We don't mean to alarm you, but it's time to take action if there are any updates and/or plugins that are not up to date.

A WordPress site is like a car. It requires maintenance! You can let things slide for a while without too much concern, until it breaks down at the worst possible moment.

This is often what we see with WordPress sites: an outdated version of WordPress, plugins that are not up to date, no backups. Help! These are all magnets for hackers actively seeking such vulnerabilities.

However, ensuring proper maintenance of a site only requires a little time each month from an expert who will:

  • Update plugins (ensuring there are no conflicts between versions)

  • Ensure the backup is functioning

  • Update WordPress and PHP if necessary

And it provides you with a point of contact who can quickly address any modifications you need (e.g., adding a page or a functionality).

In short, you're buying peace of mind.

About Us

How it works?

  • We have an expert who will ensure monthly maintenance of your site (subscription format).

  • You can contact this person for site modifications as needed (hourly rate format).

  • You receive a 50% discount on common plugin licenses.

  • We can also manage the website hosting.

  • You retain 100% ownership of your site.

  • The transfer process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Complete WordPress maintenance package.

What is included

  • Initial performance report

  • WordPress updates

  • PHP updates

  • Plugin updates

  • Monthly backup

  • Access monitoring (downtime checker)

  • Security recommendations

  • Free licenses for common plugins

  • Access to a WordPress developer who can modify your site within 24-48 hours.

Traditional challenges
Solution Hacoeur

All for 100$/month

Possible additions.

  • Access to a WordPress developer who can modify your site within 24-48 hours for $85/hour.

  • Website hosting (highly fast Canadian hosting provider) for $50 per month.

The Hacoeur Promise

No nonsense

We move forward: no discovery phase that never ends. We want to give value from the first day. Yes we are going to make a plan, but we also know that we are going to learn (you and us) and therefore, it is better to go to the market quickly so that it pays off. 

You are in control

You're in control - with all the information you need to make the decisions. You'll know how things work, without necessarily having to go into fine detail. Also,all  the information (accounts, data, etc.) belongs to you 100% and you have access to All

Impartiality and transparency

No hiding: you have full visibility into the data and we're not afraid to deliver bad news. We are also impartial, we do not receive a commission and we owe nothing to anyone. For us, a strategy deliverable is not a sales activity.

Why Us
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