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We help entrepreneurs get $15,000 in grants in less than 30 mins

And yes, it's really easy to get a grant covering digital affairs and we'll walk you through the process.

How it works? (it won't take more than 60 min of your time)

  • We define together a marketing project (ex: ''I want to audit the technological capacities of my company'').

  • Hacoeur helps you in setting up a file under the Government of Canada's PCAN program (Hacoeur is an accredited supplier of the program)

  • Send you your file via the PCAN platform (30 min max)

  • We are waiting 2-4 weeks for an answer.

  • There you go, your project is 90% subsidized!

Ready to get thousands of $ to boost your business growth?

Thank you you will be contacted within 24 working hours

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